Bhome Maternity Pants for Work Bootcut Over-Bump



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Bhome Maternity Pants for Work Bootcut Over-Bump

Brand: Bhome

Color: Black Straight Work Pants
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  • These maternity work pants is made of high-quality material, comfortable and breathable for all-day-long wear;
  • Butt fit for [S: 37-38in] [M: 39-40in] [L: 42-43in] [XL: 45-46in] [XXL: 49-50in];
  • Featured a comfortable over bump adjustable band, our maternity pants provide a flexible, flattering fit through every stage of pregnancy;
  • With a flattering straight leg fit, these dress pants is perfect for a corporate environment;
  • Matched with different tops for a professional look, a must-have for a working mom-to-be

Package Dimensions: 42x297x381

Details: The denim look stretchy fabric offers cool moms chic jeans with comfortable fit, slim leg cut, but not too skinny.
This jeans can keep you on trend and in tune with your own maternity style!
Professional style is more than just maternity suits–Our maternity dress pants is easy to wear and be match with.
The front pockets are just for decoration, while the pockets on the butt are for real.

Skinny Jeans
S – Butt:38-39in Inseam:27.6in
M – Butt:40-41in Inseam:28in
L – Butt:42-43in Inseam:28.3in
XL – Butt:45-46in Inseam:28.7in
XXL – Butt:49-50in Inseam:29.1in
Flare Jeans
S – Butt:36-38in Inseam: 29in
M – Butt:39-40in Inseam:29.5in
L – Butt:41-43in Inseam:30in
XL – Butt:44-46in Inseam:30.3in
XXL – Butt:48-50in Inseam:30.3in

Slim Work Pants
S –Butt:37-38in Inseam:27.5in
M –Butt:39-40in Inseam:28in
L –Butt:42-43in Inseam:28.3in
XL –Butt:45-46in Inseam:28.7in
XXL –Butt:49-50in Inseam:29.1in
Straight Work Pants
S – Butt:37-38in Inseam: 28in
M – Butt:39-40in Inseam:28.5in
L – Butt:42-43in Inseam:29in
XL – Butt:45-46in Inseam:29.3in
XXL – Butt:49-50in Inseam:29.3in
Flare Work Pants
S – Butt:37-38in Inseam: 29in
M – Butt:39-40in Inseam:29.5in
L – Butt:42-43in Inseam:30in
XL – Butt:45-46in Inseam:30.3in
XXL – Butt:49-50in Inseam:30.3in

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UPC: 755101262931

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