Milliard U Shaped Maternity Total Body Support Pillow



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Milliard U Shaped Maternity Total Body Support Pillow

Brand: Milliard

Color: Gray
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  • U Shaped Pillow Support – Offering long, ergonomic positioning, U body pillows can be used to support and relieve pressure from your arms, back, neck, head, or legs.
  • Customizable Comfort – Inside our long body pillows is thick, cushioned memory foam that can be added to or removed to help you find just the right level of softness.
  • Full-Body Design – Like a relaxing hug all through the night, these long u-shaped body pillows are great for watching TV, nursing children, reading, or sleep comfort.
  • Pregnancy and Maternity Use – A smart way to relieve belly pressure, back pain, or discomfort while pregnant, they’re the best pregnancy pillow at any trimester stage.
  • Multiple Sleeping Positions – Perfect for side, back, or stomach sleepers, use it for sitting more upright, curling up in various positions, and even resting on the couch.

Package Dimensions: 233x563x3651

Details: When you’re struggling with a good night’s sleep it’s often because your flat bed isn’t giving you the type of support you need to get comfortable. That’s why we created the Milliard U Shaped Body Pillow that’s long, ergonomic, and lets you customize the support you need on any part of your body, including your neck, head, shoulders, lower back, legs, feet, knees, arms, and so much more. A smart way to relieve stress and tension in your joints and muscles, improve your body’s natural circulation, and even make pregnancy go a little smoother, these all-purpose body pillows are made for men and women who need to get better sleep so they can wake up feeling refreshed.

UPC: 840985117986

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