Vinfact 3 Pack Nursing Sports Bras Racerback Maternity Bra



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Vinfact 3 Pack Nursing Sports Bras Racerback Maternity Bra

Brand: Vinfact

Color: Black,grey,purple
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  • Breathable Elastic Fabric – Vinfact nursing sports bras are made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. The fabric has high elasticity and is no odor, comfortable and breathable. At the same time, the bras adopt four-dimensional high-elastic fabric technology. The molded cup technology does not compress the chest, which can better fit your changing body shape during pregnancy and breastfeeding. With a removable chest pad, helping you shape your shape quietly.
  • Strong Support for Sports – Compared with the general breastfeeding bra, we add a back buckle design and an X-shaped strap, so that the bra has a certain support and will not oppress the chest, so as to meet the daily exercise needs of pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Easy to Breastfeeding with One Hand – The sports nursing bras adopt a full-lift and pull-down design, which can be operated with one hand, providing full skin contact for you and your baby. At the same time, with the use of “B” type double breastfeeding buckle design, which can be easily opened and closed to ensure that the double-locking button will not collapse at the same time, making it more convenient and safe for you to breastfeed.
  • 2 Ways of U&X to Wear – X-shaped straps are worn with cross buckles, which are sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about sliding your shoulders when doing light exercises. It is suitable for sports yoga and shopping; U-shaped straps can be worn with loose cross buckles. It can make your shoulders more relaxed, suitable for breastfeeding and sleeping, and you can enjoy a comfortable life.
  • Warm Tips – Hand wash only; the package includes 3 nursing bras + 3 additional bra extenders; Vinfact aims to bring you a more comfortable life.

Package Dimensions: 30x307x204

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